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Why MindChainge? 


"Profitable Growth" remains #1 on your list of business targets - now and forever. Achieving it, however, becomes tougher and tougher. Actually 60-80% of all new products do not survive longer than 12 months in the market.

MindChainge helps you to deliver on target ......


We have conceived a couple of proprietary processes that really work.

We address the issue of consumer-centric new products and how to create them 

("Spearheading Innovation"),

we turn your brand into an emotional asset rather than a functional hull
("Consistent Backboning"), and

we help you to professionally plan and optimize your launch activities
("Smart Watering")

Contact Info

Matthiasstr. 40
41468 Neuss




Sperberweg 13
41468 Neuss
Tel. +49 2131 405 1953


Breaking News

MindChainge is moving offices .........

By July 1, 2016 we are relocating to our new offices in Neuss, St.-Georg-Str. 32. Further information will be supplid to our clients in due course.