Consistent Backboning

We totally believe in brands - they are incredibly powerful psychological carrier systems for your product innovation. You can barely be successful without a strong brand. That is why it pays to invest in basic conceptual thinking around your brand, not only your products.

We do basically two things with you:

First, we help you to render more precisely what the emotional positioning of your brand actually is. The tragic thing is that everybody sees this as given - we tragically find out that it is not given. So a reason to act on this one immediately ........

Second, we care about the way you orchestrate your positioning. How bad if you had a great positioning, but no consumer can understand it because you use the wrong explicit and implicit codes. How bad if you got your pack right, but your TV commercial or your website speaks a different language.

There is a systematci approach to it - we call it "Consistent Backboning" and we are proud that it is again one of the proprietary things from MindChainge.

"Consistent Backboning" is a "must do", not a "can do" for every serious marketeer

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