Smart Watering

Would a skilled gardener water dead plants or even weeds? Particularly in the desert where water is a scarce resource? Definitely not.
So why are companies riding dead horses by the dozen and spend behind initiatives which are dead in the water?
What a skilled gardener would do is rely on a "smart watering" plan, helping him/ her to water only those plants which have a realistic chance to grow and bear rich fruit. Companies mostly do not behave like gardeners, they do not practice "smart watering" and waste tons of precious resources - throwing good money after bad.

We do three things in our "smart watering" plans:

First, we help you to decide which "plants" have a realistic chance to grow - i.e. we look at your plan and we make it realistic (90% of plans are over-optimistic). Unrealistic planning is like planting seeds that are already dead before you put them in the ground.

Second, we help you monitor your plan. In a neutral way, not biased by assuming upfront which plants must grow and which not. No, we just observe what is growing and we keep a track record together with you: we identify those which grow and those which don't.

Third, we help you to shut down those taps where water (i.e. money) flows without effect - now and in the future. The plant is simply dead and nothing can bring it back to life. Not an easy issue, but something that dramatically boosts the profitability of your garden due to less water and more fruit for the remaining plants

Wasted enough water by now? Pull the plug on those initiatives that will never grow.

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