Spearheading Innovation

We believe that generating successful new products is neither a game of chance, nor rocket science, it is not intuition or witchcraft and wizardry. We know that it is the result of a carefully designed and orchestrated series of steps in a value chain - not of a single moment of enlightment or inspiration.

Mastering each step of this value chain is imperative for later in-market success. Miss one - and you miss the opportunity as a whole.

The "Spearheading Innovation" model - our proprietary approach - takes you through the main value creation steps.

We help you identify the most relevant bits and pieces of information about your market and your consumer.

We help you to distill the most relevant knowledge from these distinct sources and bind it together in one essential knowledge platform.

We help you top transform this knowledge into new and exciting creative concepts. "Guided Creativity" (another proprietary approach) is at the heart of what we do.

We help you narrow down the huge flow of creative ideas to winning concepts - via innovation tournaments, co-creation, design thinking, and many other forms of assistance.

We help you assess the potential in-market success of the final innovation concepts.

As you see, the Spearhead does a lot of things with you ....... but do you want new an winning concepts or not?

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