What We Do

In essence, we help companies make their numbers - creating value via exciting new products and brands that are loved.

Creative Innovation

We believe that successful new products are not a game of chance, but can be continuously generated via a series of value creation steps. We call our proprietary value creation model “Creative Spearheading”: it is a proven way of doing the right things right in innovation.

We are not a gimmicky creativity parlour and we are not a co-creation hangout. Instead we help companies to live their genuine creativity via “Guided Creativity” – a proprietary term coined and lived only by MindChainge.


Emotional Branding

We believe that it takes strong brands to carry innovations into the minds and hearts of consumers. We look at brands as emotional carrier systems for functional products. Thus our view on branding is built on scientific theories of emotions, love, affection, and all other forms of emotional bonding. Not on personal views of what looks sexy and contemporary ….

We do care about emotional positionings via an approach which is called “Consistent Backboning” – again a proprietary series of steps devised by InnoChainge.


Smart Performance

Unfortunately a great new product and a loved brand are not the only ingredients for in-market success. Most new introductions finally fail on the shelf. Main reasons are twofold: (a) a much too optimistic plan, (b) no consequent launch control management during the first six months after launch. InnoChainge addresses these crucial issues by realistic planning procedures, avoiding over-optimism and “cloud #9”-thinking, and by proven models of tight launch control which help companies to know when “to hold and when to fold ‘em”.