Our Principles

We are consumer-centric.

The consumer is at the heart of everything that we do. That is why we rely on frequent interaction patterns with consumers as we move along our „Value Chains“. It also means that we build on scientific results about the human mind, our motivational architecture, our way to learn and unlearn things – about love, about aesthetic perception. How can you sell something to someone that you don’t know? So let’s „walk in their shoes“.

We are client-oriented.

We believe that clients are different. There is no „…. one size fits it all“. That is why we do not flood our clients with pre-programmed recipes based on cases where things have worked out (by chance). We understand how you specifically operate and we base our program with you on an individual understanding and on individual measures. 

We are process-driven.

Haphazard actions driven by chance ? This is not what we do. Instead we create value by proposing a series of steps – professionally sequenced in order to build „Value Chains“ (this is where „Chainge“ in MindChainge comes from). And each of these chains does matter. You will see why (just check again „What We Do“).

We are fact-based.

We love opinions – and we cherish them. But facts are better, and that is why we recommend to use them whenever possible. Sometimes we pair them with a bit of intuition (which is basically a condensed form of personally experienced facts). Facing the facts is not easy at times – but we will help you carry on. Facts are a wonderful jumpboard for Creativity, as you will find out when you work with us.

We are outcome-focused.

Talks are great, actionable results are much better (though they require some talking upfront). Having worked in global businesses, we know what it is like to be measured on outcomes, not on promises. And we take care of that – providing you with dedicated action plans on what’s next.